Empty her vase


We are on the floor, your hands are in my pocket

There are reasons why your eyes still

when they are dwelling in my direction

Look at me, woman

am I not a representation of your body?

Lay with me, woman

Tonight I promise to rid the sandpaper off your lips

So here is the floor, tell me your story

here are your clothes, take them all off

No, put it back on

and come dress me in your ideas

come fashion me in your dreams

then strip me off mine

strip me all clean

But no one quite told you that it wasn’t you, did they?

no one quite told you that it was him, did they?

Did no one tell you that love may turn to ill someday?

That a sixth degree burn would tear away tissues after tissues

leaving nothing but charred bones? Did they? Didn’t they?

Fatal, fatal

Why were there no fatal signs though?


Tonight, we’ll take the salt and rub it hard against your body

and when you break yourself into pieces

The pain that pieces you

will pierce through me

Yes on some days it gets harder to cry

and on others, you find yourself touching strangers just so you could

feel the way lust used to shine in your eyes

And the virgin that stands before your sight

she used to be so quiet, so shy

where is her skin now?

Where are your hands you beg to make clean?

Where is your heart in this dark empty hallway?

Where are the reasons and answers as to why

Why me?

Why me

Tonight, my heart is bursting into an orchestra of mad men notes

I’m seeing Beethoven in between sheet music and

he is telling me that it is time to let fear go

Cover my eyes and I’ll rid the man that raid me

Cover my ears and I’ll no longer hear his anxious gasps

Gasps. I wonder what you would tell your timid daughter

Gasps. I wonder what you would tell your frightened mother

Gasps. I wonder what you would tell your precious wife

The woman you promised to make your one and only

I wonder how many of these promises make you now

I lay my cards out tonight

and tonight, woman I want you to give your pain a name

Because why should you look at me with eyes so silent

When the night he took you

sent loud thunders and raging storms within your body?

Steady your eyes

because I’ve never seen fear that beautiful

I’ve never seen reasons so battered

And worn from the persons that passed them on

And on and on


When we are not in the wrong?

Woman, tonight

We’ll rid the sandpaper off our lips

We’ll plump it up with a gloss so thick

We know our kisses would make these broken bodies

Whole again
Woman, tonight.


Copyright  of Jane  oo

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