This is not a love poem

Because you could, if you wanted

send giggles down the back of my throat

Giggles that - I could, if i wanted

show you

because you make me happy

and I am often sad

And I am often giggling because I am sad

but no one knows


Someone once told me that I reminded her of a game

I believe it is called "hide and seek"

i asked her if I was a lot of fun

but she told me that I was boring

boring -

in a predictable way

in a - I think "you are the patterns on floor tiles that go on unnoticed way"

in a - I think "people step on you without you...

Big Picture


To be able to

See the world in restrospect

Is everything

But bliss

For when you have emotions rushing through veins

In the most inappropriate hours

You are throwing

Caution, to the wind

And if ever, you wish to let someone in

They must bear the consequences

Of loving not one, but, two beings

For fear is not an easy woman to love

One as needy

As a sun, on a cold winter morning

Will never

Find solace

From within


Copyright  of Jane  oo

Rest in sleep

Close the chapter now love

because there are some wishes that I want to make on

those tattered pages

but they never fail

to tear me up instead

Just close the book now.

Because that memory that I wanted to paint of you

The time you took me

with a smile and stole conversations

that you now leave fond memories of

are cutting the insides of my soul

so deep

I can no longer help

but question

if I am depressed

or just human


There comes that time

that I wanted to call you

but didn't

I wanted to tell you how I wish we talked more...

Empty her vase


We are on the floor, your hands are in my pocket

There are reasons why your eyes still

when they are dwelling in my direction

Look at me, woman

am I not a representation of your body?

Lay with me, woman

Tonight I promise to rid the sandpaper off your lips

So here is the floor, tell me your story

here are your clothes, take them all off

No, put it back on

and come dress me in your ideas

come fashion me in your dreams

then strip me off mine

strip me all clean

But no one quite told you that it wasn’t you, did they?

no one quite told you...



There are spaces in between your fingers that i cannot touch

Wounds inside the cavity you call - heart

I cannot reach

Your body is an astronaut and this space, a galaxy

Light years apart,


But you keep floating away

I hear there is no gravity where you come from

Does that mean when you cry

Your tears become shooting stars?

To mars -

I've never witnessed aliens as much as I did monsters

They're everywhere

I've never been

They're everywhere

From within

By  Jane  oo



It's strange that words are so inadequate.

Yet, like the asthmatic struggling for breath,

so the lover must struggle for words

.T. S. Eliot

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